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How to unlock or bypass MI Account Password

Welcome, all of you. In our new article, I hope you all enjoy this article, so today we will discuss "How to unblock or bypass blocking the MI account" without any computer or software help. The Xiaomi Redmi phones are one of the best selling phones in India. His new range of smart phones are the most sold phones here. The company's service is quite satisfactory, but some common problems arise around Xiaomi phones. One of the main problems that people face is that Xiaomi Redmi phones are blocked. Most Redmi users get stuck activating the screen of this device that leads to another screen that asks to activate My account in the cloud and if the user can not remember the user ID and password of the cloud account, the phone is blocked For My Account Unblock again, you have to run to the service center, but the task is very annoying. In this article, I will explain how to unlock My account in the cloud.

How to Unlock Mi Account Password And Bypass

First of all will know what this MI Account is, and what is the  MI Account lock.

My Account Service provided by Xiaomi Inc. China. If you want to use Xiaomi's services, such as data synchronization with My Cloud, your phone's location service, your phone's lock, your flash sales offers, My F codes, Mi games, Mi themes, etc. Then, you must have a My account. You can usually understand that on a normal Android you should need a Gmail account. The same procedure in My mobile. You must have a My account to use their services. Now you just have to take a look. Guide on how to omit the MI account password without verification Learn all about the fast charge and Qualcomm compatible devices. You just need to understand the steps we take. So, without wasting time, we just tell you how to unlock or bypass your MI account with a few simple steps.

How to unlock or bypass MI Account Password

  • First, you must know the identification of your MI account. If you do not know, now you can see the screenshot below, what is the MI account ...? as


  • It appears on the screen of your locked phone, as shown in the image above.

  • After the MI Id is detected, our next step,

  • After this you have to go to a phone or computer browser. Now, in the browser URL, you must type and press the Enter or Go button. When you open the website, you must click on Log In.

  • Click on Account as shown in the screenshot.


  • Now click on the Login button.


  • Here you can see that the login tab has been opened. But we do not know the ID or password of the MI account.

  • So we simply click on forget password.


  • Here you enter your recovery mobile number or email ID with the help of which the MI account is created.

  • The first of you must enter your country code with mobile number, (+91) for India. Ex. (+91786 **** 11)

  • If you do not know the number or identification of email used to create my account, then there is no need to worry because I have a solution.

  • Simply place any number or email id in the text box and click on the next button.


  • On the next page, just click on Does not work, as you can see in the screenshot above.

  • Now on the next page, simply click on manual verification.

  • After that, you will see some indications of your MI account ID and recovery email or mobile number as you can see in the screenshot.
    You only need to verify or match your blocked phone ID with this account.
    Here you can see, in my case, the two suggestions MY Id are the same.

  • 159 **** 978 MI id.

  • When MY id is the same or matches, simply reset the password of my account by sending OTP on my mobile or email.

  • If the account does not match, try another mobile phone number. tray all the numbers that have been used on that phone ever.

Hello friends, I hope you have understood each and every one of the steps mentioned in this article very easily and without any problem. And you can definitely unblock the lock of your MI account. If you liked this article, simply comment on this article and share it with others so that everyone can benefit.