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Lost Android smartphone: Recover your phone, erase its data andremotely lock it

Lost Android smartphone: Recover your phone, erase its data andremotely lock it

Losing your smartphone can be very stressful. Not only does it take away the worry of buying a new smartphone, but it can also be problematic to secure information on your lost device. In this step-by-step guide, we're not going to simply tell you to take the obvious steps, such as setting up a screen lock on your device. For the most part, everyone uses biometric locks on their devices to add an extra layer of security and that can be a protector in many situations. Instead, let's talk about Google's Android Device Manager, which is a very useful tool to track a lost smartphone. In case you have not lost your smartphone yet and are here to know what should be done to protect it better with the Android device manager:

  1. Go to the configuration of your smartphone.

  2. Select 'Security and Location'.

  3. Make sure the "Search my device" option is enabled.

  4. Add a password, pattern or PIN to your smartphone.

  5. Use biometric padlocks such as fingerprint scanners or Facial unlocking

  6. In addition, you can download the 'Find my device' application on your smartphone.

Now, if you lose your device, you can log out of your Google account remotely and delete all data from it. Even if you have not followed these steps, you can follow these steps, since the Android Device Manager is present on all Android smartphones through Google Play Services. However, we ask that you keep the application on your phone in case you have not enabled Google Play Services on your device. This is what you should do if your Android smartphone is lost to recover it, log out or delete your data:

  1. Go to

  2. Select the last device you were using.

  3. You could see the location of your smartphone through a map. If present where you are, press Play sound. This will make it sound loud and you will be able to find your device.

  4. In case you think it was stolen, you can press "Secure Device" to lock your smartphone and log out of your Gmail account.

  5. In case you have data on your smartphone that you do not want anyone to access, such as credit card information or some photos, press "Delete device".