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How to Setup AutoFill in Safari to Save Time

How to Setup AutoFill in Safari to Save Time

The AutoComplete function in Safari is extremely useful when you complete a form on the website. In addition to personal information, Safari can autocomplete credit card information, which is sure to be filled in manually. Safari works very well on all devices and platforms to complete PI information like iOS devices. The AutoComplete feature in Mac OS is very useful when you visit password-protected websites more frequently.


Let's go through some of the frequently asked questions and answers and see how to configure AutoComplete in Safari on Mac OS.

Where to See Stored Passwords in Mac OS?

Passwords are stored inside your local drive or in iCloud. The keychains ", which works as a container and stores the details in an encrypted format. Keychain Access is a proprietary application that securely stores passwords and other confidential details in separate keyrings. You can see passwords stored with a keychain. You can access Keychain directly from Application> Utilities.

Apple allows you to store passwords in iCloud, which can be used as a common point to store your passwords and access from all Apple devices. Once you enable iCloud Drive, the credentials will be automatically uploaded from Mac to iCloud. iCloud Keychain keeps the details updated automatically on all your Mac and iOS devices. You can see more details here.

What is Keychain Access?

Keychain Access synchronizes website credentials, passwords and other operating system information to iCloud. Apple is using the same platform to store other personal information, such as credit card information, WiFi passwords, website passwords and more. If a user selects "save password" for any password enabled website, then Keychain Access stores it. Apple encrypts the password before saving it in iCloud to protect your information. Ultimately, this helps you improve the security of individual accounts. To learn more about Keychain Access in Mac OS Sierra, click here.

How to Reveal Websites Passwords in Safari?

Sometimes, you may need to see passwords saved in Safari for use on other devices. If you have already chosen the AutoComplete forms in Safari and have selected "Save password" when requested. Next, you can see what password you have used on the websites. To see the passwords of those websites stored in Safari, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Safari application and go to the "Safari" menu.

  2. Click on "Preferences" and then select the "AutoComplete" tab.

  3. Press the "Edit" button to the right of the Usernames and passwords options. This will open the Passwords tab where all the usernames and passwords of the website are saved.

  4. You can type the name of the website in the search field of the password you want to view or select the website.

You can remove passwords from the list if you do not want to keep them for longer.

How to Setup AutoFill in Safari in Mac OS?

The autocomplete function can save time and improve security while opening the website that requires the user's credentials. In addition to the username and password, the AutoComplete function can complete the user's address, credit card information, etc.

  1. Tap the Safari menu after opening the Safari browser.

  2. Click on the "AutoComplete" tab and check the appropriate checkboxes.

  3. You can configure AutoComplete web forms using:


  1. Use of my contacts information: this option saves complete forms with information of any contact card in Contacts.

  2. Usernames and passwords: this option safely saves the usernames and passwords that you enter in the web pages, and then automatically completes the information stored when you return to visit the same web pages.

  3. Credit cards: with this option, you can safely store the credit card number, the expiration date and the name of the cardholder that you enter in the web pages, and then automatically fill in the information stored when you reuse the card.

  4. Other forms: here you can save the information that you enter in the forms of the website and then automatically fill in the information stored when you return to visit the same web pages.

Where I Can Edit AutoFill Settings in Safari?

Occasionally, you may mistakenly store the erroneous data during the login to the websites or when completing forms. Which forces you to complete the correct details every time you go back to them. In this case, the Edit button allows us to edit or view information that is already saved in Safari. To continue, click Edit to update the stored details or delete them if it is no longer necessary.

How to use Information from My Contact List in AutoFill?

The AutoComplete function can be used in Safari to automatically fill a form on a web page with your personal data. This can quickly complete the details of the filling form, such as the phone number, address or even the details of the credit card. You must enable this function in the check box. Open Safari> click on Preferences> goto tab Autocomplete password> enable all the checkboxes of the given option. Once it is enabled, AutoComplete will populate all the details in the respective fields of a web form.

However, if a contact has more than one address, email, telephone or other contact information, then you must manually configure them. It can be selected from your home, work or personalized address that you have already entered in your contact card.