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Enjoy TV without recharging

Enjoy TV without recharging

Enjoy TV without recharging

To get a credit balance you have to make a missed call from your registered mobile number on 080-61999922. Immediately after that, your Tata Sky account will have an emergency balance and you will be able to watch TV. The company will deduct the credit balance when the user reactivates his account. The company does not charge any interest.

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No details have been provided about how much will be credited to the Emergency Credit in the company’s Tata Sky account. However, it was recently reported that the company is giving users a 7-day credit limit.

Getting free service

Along with the credit balance, the company is also offering many free services to its subscribers. The company says subscribers will not get bored during lockdown and can keep themselves busy rather than enjoying free service. The company is offering 10 free channels for this. It can be seen in Tata Sky channels like Dance Studio, Vedic Maths, Cooking, Beauty, Fitness. More information about this free interactive service can be found on the set-top box and the help of the Tata Sky mobile app.

A Trick
its just a simple trick. and we are going around the world to rest VC cards and also STB's...
Follow the instructions and just thank me ...

Enjoy TV without a recharge, learn how

1. Just switch on your receiver power supply.
2. Then ur receiver will go on loading. don't give it time to load. just switch off your receiver by
pressing the red button from your remote control.
((Note: Remember don't allow your receiver to load))
3. Then again press the red button of your remote control and it will take you to the dish interactive channel 999.
4. Don't waste your time again and simply press the button 313 from remote control numeric keypad which is the channel no. of b4u music.which is fta channel. u can see all the FTA channels.such as etc music, music india, 9x (test channel) , 9xm ,dd national, dd sports, dd India, dd urdu (all other dd channels), enter 10 ,care world ,mh one, e24, etc etc.but always go to the fta channel directly by pressing the up down left right cursor keys of your remote control. Don't use the channel changing up down two keys just press the four keys above those keys.