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Final letter by shixan niyamak 1 to 8 mass promotion and shala na java babat stand by alert 2020

Final letter by shixan niyamak 1 to 8 mass promotion and shala na java babat stand by alert 2020

Final letter by shixan niyamak 1 to 8 mass promotion and shala na java babat stand by alert 2020

From clause (h) to (i) in section 3 of the Right to Children Act-1 by reference to (1)

Awareness has been added. After that, the new academic year in the primary and secondary and higher secondary schools of the state has been decided to start from April, with a reference under reference (2) of the Education Department dated 0/0/0. However, in the context of the current pandemic virus (COVID-19), which is given by WHO in the global pandemic, the following instructions are provided in the names of the Education Department's references (2) and (3). Following are the instructions given in view of the situation recently caused by the infection of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). (2) Study the current year of the year 1-5, from standard 1 to 2, grade-3 and grade-1.

All students will be given a pass from my promotion to the next level.

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Implementation of all 6 names under reference (2) of the date dated 7/3/8, as per the powers conferred under section 3 of the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act of the Children, is postponed to this year ie Year 1-5 but this provision is applicable to the following six names. Academic year ie year

1-3 to 4 dishes. (2) New to all schools from the date of Education Department dated 0/0/0/2.

A decision has been made to start the academic year from April. However, due to the global global epidemic epidemic problem, the new academic year will begin as early as the summer vacation ends. New academic year fixed on the date of 0/0/0/2, starting from April, next year

That is, from 3-5 years, the applied dish will be 3 hectares. (2) the global pandemic created by the transmission of COVID-19

Control of the state by state and local government for controlling the area and

Of the educational and non-academic staff / officers of private primary, secondary and higher secondary schools, those who have no assignment to any of the staff and officers who are not assigned to the school will not be allowed to come to the school, but any of the state authorities and / or local authorities. State officials and / or local authorities pursuant to the assignment of operations All notices given by Su Chu strictly 2

The execution will be 3. (2) To the academic and non-academic staff of private schools (2 self-reliant schools)

They are exempted from walking to school. (2) Director, Primary Education, Query and Higher Secondary and Higher Secondary

Under the control of the Education Board, Gandhinagar, the teachers, grants in aid and 3 self-reliant schools and the teachers of that school must adhere to the instructions of the academic calendar for the new academic year to be decided by the said offices.

Mas Promotion Babte Education Department No Official Circular

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