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India's sting in the world ... Corona's 'Coro-Wake' vaccine made by Indian company to beat Zika-H1N1

India's sting in the world ... Corona's 'Coro-Wake' vaccine made by Indian company to beat Zika-H1N1

India's sting in the world ... Corona's 'Coro-Wake' vaccine made by Indian company to beat Zika-H1N1

Interestingly, India was the first country in the world that set up a separate Department of Biotechnology to nurture this sector three decades ago.

India has once again shown itself to the whole world.  While the whole world, including China and the United States, is getting ready to fight the Corona virus, India has already prepared a vaccine to defeat Corona.  All vaccine studies are about to end.  Soon this vaccine will help to save lives of people all over the world including India.

The vaccine came from the name of coro-wake

 Bharat Biotech, a vaccine maker, has discovered a vaccine against the corona virus.
 Company Chairman Dr. Krishna Ella said the country has prepared its vaccine to fight the corona virus.  This is the first vaccine in the country that is fully capable of protecting against corona virus infection.  The vaccine is named Coro-Vac.  It will be put in the nose to protect against the virus.  The drug is so effective that it can be used even with common flu.

Soon the trial is being conducted directly in the United States

 Dr. Ella said the company has begun clinical trials of the vaccine directly in the United States.  Trials take place in America in animals and humans alike.  It doesn't take long for vaccine safety measures to be approved.  The vaccine will be launched once US safety standards are approved in the United States

Expert is a specialist in making pandemic vaccine

It is here to tell that our country company is on top to overcome some of the world's biggest epidemics.  When the Zika virus was transmitted to the world, India Biotech gave the world the first vaccine to prevent the disease.  Similarly, the same company prepared a vaccine very soon to protect against H1N1 influenza infection.

The irony is complete, India has no reported cases of the dreaded Zika virus infection, but is the first country in the world to have ready for testing not one but two vaccines against the virus that is causing nightmares in The Americas.

Whether the Zika breakthrough from India becomes a full- fledged vaccine or not will be known later, but for the first time an Indian company has been nimble, fast and foresighted to beat the western pharma giants on their own game. One will have to wait and watch to see how the patent battle is fought, on this occasion the dice is already loaded in India's favour.

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