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Two sisters will be hanged To Death

Two sisters will be hanged To Death

Two sisters will be hanged To Death
 In the Nirbhaya case, all the culprits have been found guilty of their crime and all four have been hanged on the gallows. It took about 7 years for Nirbhaya to get justice and after a long time the Nirbhaya convicts were sentenced to death. The Nirbhaya scandal was one of the biggest crimes in our country and the punishment for all the culprits was even lower for the crime.

 The scandal was born in 2012

Nirbhaya was raped by all four in 2012. The incident was from Delhi. One of the five convicts hanged himself in prison. There were four other convicts jailed for seven years. There, all four were sentenced to death. With which Nirbhaya got justice. The entire country has been waiting for the Nirbhaya convicts to be punished for a long time and they were hanged in March.

When will these sisters get the death sentence?

Now after seeing the punishment of Nirbhaya criminals, the eyes of the people are on two sisters who killed 6 innocent children. The two sisters, who are staying in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, have been charged with the murder of six boys and sentenced to death for the two guilty. The names of the two sisters are Seema Gavit and Renuka Gavit.

 Both are accused of stealing children and forcing them to beg. After some time the children were killed. In such cases both of these sisters killed the A6 boys. In 2001, the Sessions Court sentenced him to death. After which the two appealed against the decision in the High Court. In 2004, the High Court upheld the death sentence awarded to them. Later, the Supreme Court reached and the Supreme Court upheld the sentence.

After the death sentence was approved by the Supreme Court, the duo sought forgiveness from the President. But in 2014, President Pranab Mukherjee did not forgive the sentence imposed on both the sisters. This is where the entire country is waiting for the time when these two sisters will be sentenced to death for six children and they will be hanged.

Both of these sisters have been in jail for a long time and one of them has turned 65. There will be only the first woman in the country to be hanged at such an age.

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