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Why is the mortality rate of corona patients so high in Ahmedabad?

Why is the mortality rate of corona patients so high in Ahmedabad?

Why is the mortality rate of corona patients so high in Ahmedabad?

Why is the mortality rate of corona patients so high in Ahmedabad?

AHMEDABAD: Corona's death toll in the city is high. Commissioner Vijay Nehra said the death toll was higher as positive patients arrived at the hospital late. He also appealed for the protection of senior citizens from Corona as well as those falling into the high risk category. He said that if any symptoms of corona appear, one should reach the hospital immediately without waiting at all.

"In many cases, the case reaches the hospital when it becomes very complicated, and the patient dies in a day or two," Nehra said. Co-operation was initially low in the Kot area, he said. If people cooperate in the survey as well as sampling operations, and reach the hospital in time, the death rate will definitely come down.

Stating that the search for super spreaders has been intensified, Nehra said that a normal positive person can infect 400 people, while a super spreader can infect thousands of people. "The counter should not be blocked when you go to buy something in the shop and it is important that the shopkeeper is wearing a mask in addition to you," he said.

A total of six wards of the city namely Khadiya, Jamalpur, Shahpur, Dariapur, Behrampura, Danilimda have been declared red zones. Mu. The remaining 42 wards of the city have been placed in the Orange Zone, Commissioner Vijay Nehra said today. He also said that a map of all the areas in the Red as well as Orange zone of the city would be released.

Mu giving information about case doubling rate. The cases were dubbed every third day around April 15, the commissioner said. Cases doubled every fourth day on April 20th. Cases doubled in six or seven days before April 25, and the case doubling rate has risen to eight days in the last two-three days.

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Stating that there are currently 2016 active cases in Ahmedabad, Nehra said that 28 patients are currently on ventilators while the rest are in stable condition. The number of cases registered in Ahmedabad so far is 2364, out of which 107 patients have died while 241 have been discharged.

Stating that 7.60 lakh houses in different areas were surveyed in the first week of April, Nehra said teams were visiting houses in cluster containment areas every day in April. He also claimed that in the second week of April, 7.93 lakh houses were inspected and 241 positive cases were detected.

In Ahmedabad, 670 teams conducted a door-to-door survey and took 18,220 samples, out of which 1,200 reported positive. Said the commissioner. New cases in the city have been rising at a rate of 9 per cent for the past six days, up from 20 per cent in the time around April 15. Nehra also said that the number of cases in the city will decrease in May as the percentage of new cases is declining.

Claiming that the number of tests in the city has also gone up to 3950 per one lakh population, Nehra said that the figure would reach 4000 by Wednesday. At present, tests are being conducted in Ahmedabad at the same rate as in any other developed country.